Nothing is as exciting or gratifying than being faced with a challenge, then figuring out how to master that challenge.


Over the last 10 years, I've worked as a Senior Designer, Digital Media. Two years at The Los Angeles Times and for the past 8, at CBS Radio/Entercom Communications where I've worked on over 1,000 Digital Ad campaigns. I'm now looking for my next challenge.


I've been an Adobe Flash designer for 15 years, but a few years ago, when all major browsers were sunsetting Flash ads, I had to come up with a strategy.  That strategy included months of learning new software and new techniques to continue delivering attractive and eye-catching animated banners and rich-media for my account executives and digital team. My goal was to never need to say "no" when the question is "Can we do this?".


I'm also known as the "cookie gal" in the office as I'm always bringing in treats, and experimenting with new cookie recipes My office friends were always appreciative of the cookies I would bring in.


As I search for the next awesome job, I'm available for freelance work as well.
Please feel free to contact me if you think my skills are a match for what you need!


I am always eager to learn something new....